Handbook of Food Products Manufacturing

Handbook of Food Products Manufacturing, 2 Volume Set

Editors: Y. H. Hui (Editor), Ramesh C. Chandan (Editor), Stephanie Clark (Editor), Nanna A. Cross (Editor), Joannie C. Dobbs (Editor), W. Jeffrey Hurst (Editor), Leo M. L. Nollet (Editor), Eyal Shimoni (Editor), Nirmal K. Sinha, Erika B. Smith (Editor), Somjit Surapat (Editor), Fidel Toldrá (Editor), Alan Titchenal (Editor)

Pub. date: June, 2007

ISBN: 9780470049648

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"Each chapter is well written, at a scholarly level. This set is recommended for all libraries in institutions involved in food science."

American Reference Books Annual, March 2008